As we continue to transform to a new health economy where providers deliver care beyond the four walls of brick and mortar facilities and payers reimburse based on value, stakeholders have the need to have quality connections to consumers outside their offices. With b.well, you get new insights into their patients’ lives the 99% of the time they are not in the doctor's office.


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Go further than clinical interoperability 

Data is everywhere and has a wealth of opportunity to improve healthcare, yet there has been no holistic health record available. With our platform, providers can easily see the full picture of a patient’s health, which can guide providers through difficult diagnoses, potential interactions or contraindications, or early prevention and screening of high-risk diseases.

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Contain costs for expensive services

With interoperability issues in the past, you will have full access to a patient’s service and procedure history, reducing the number of duplicative services ordered and performed. Health history is easily and instantly shareable from a patient’s account. Physicians can receive results from completed services at any time without waiting for faxes and approval.

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Commit to consumerism in healthcare

By giving consumers and caregivers choice and empowering them about their healthcare, engagement metrics will rise. The numbers soar when consumers view managing their healthcare as simple, relevant and convenient.  While it's typical to see an average of 20% engagement in health and wellness tools, on average your patients would engage 60% of the time.

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BECOME A winning healthcare SYSTEM

In a world of consolidation, stand out as a healthcare innovator. By providing your patients comprehensive navigation and digital tools, your system will realize a significant competitive advantage, resulting in greater loyalty from existing and new patients in your system. Raise quality scores and ratings to impact your bottom line in the new world of quality-based reimbursement.

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MEET your patients where they are

We are all connected instantly, 24/7. Make sure your patients are experiencing the modern healthcare they deserve. By offering a channel to check in on patient’s progress outside traditional office visits, your patients will feel valued, raising quality scores and preventing hospital readmissions.   You can lower accessibility barriers, allowing for fewer trips to the office.

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HEALTH CHANGES EVERY DAY – so should your data

Gain better connections to your patients to improve quality of care in and out of the office through data. You can utilize connected devices to change care plans instantly and keep updated to patient's health status across offices or systems. Stop relying solely on in-network records and self-reported data in-office.