b.well is ready to help businesses thrive in the shift to consumerism in healthcare.

As b.well grows, the company continues to seek introductions to brokers, benefits administration companies, health plans, health systems, TPAs, and intros to CFO’s of self-insured employers. Please use the content on this page to guide you in these introductions.  

Our suggestion is to send the consumer content provided below to all in addition to the content in the appropriate market segment (i.e. a TPA would get "Consumer" and "TPA" one-pagers.) We are also happy to provide any additional materials if requested.


I would like to make an introduction for you to b.well Connected Health, a recently launched digital healthcare company that is getting significant buzz.  

Founded by Kristen Valdes, a healthcare industry veteran coming out of UnitedHealthcare and CMS, b.well was launched to provide consumerism through advanced technologies in a lagging industry.   b.well puts the consumer in the center of their healthcare.

We live in a new health economy where:

  • consumers are now paying more out of pocket for healthcare than they ever have before;
  • employers have moved to self-funded insurance and need to manage the health costs of their employees;
  • providers are shifting to value based care  and have the need to connect with their patients outside the office; and
  • payers are being held to quality standards that are now driven their profits.
As a result, today’s health consumers need a lot more than a prevention and wellness program at work to  manage this overly complicated aspect of their life. b.well brings together the keys to manage health in this new world:
  • Empowering consumers with access to their own health records including clinical, financial,wearable, social and more
  • Providing consumers with a personalized health journey customized to their own health needs
  • Enabling consumers with on-demand services to manage their health including telemedicine,mobile scheduling and Rx price shopping and more
  • Allowing consumers to share data on health in a secure way with their tribe including (family,caregivers, care teams and physicians)
While designed for consumers, b.well monetizes to solve problems across the spectrum, including reducing administrative costs, managing risk, improving quality, and reducing medical expense using proven industry methods.  b.well provides simple, convenient, and relevant health management in an overly complex healthcare world.