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Location:          Betamore, 4th Floor

1111 Light St. Baltimore, MD 21230


b.well is proudly based in Baltimore, MD

    b.well in a nutshell

We live in a new health economy, one in which patients are now consumers. Health care delivery now has to be on-demand. “Well care” is becoming just as important as sick care. Simultaneously, we’re spending over 86% of our healthcare dollars on conditions that are largely preventable.

This changing landscape is requiring health plans to become health solutions

b.well, founded by a proven health insurance executive, was started to help consumers avoid preventable chronic conditions and take an active role in managing their health. We’re helping health plans adopt to this new health economy, while driving improved quality and performance measures and introducing efficiencies that dramatically reduce administrative and medical expenses. 

b.well was born out of our own first-hand frustrations, alongside deep experience in the industry. We know the pain points on both sides of the equation well. It’s our goal to bring clarity and simplicity to healthcare, so that everyone can win. 

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