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Easy management of family healthcare with this app
Modern affordable and digital health management app

Press Contact:  Carrie Cosgrove     

Location:  875 Hollins St. Suite 102

Baltimore, MD 21201


b.well is proudly based in Baltimore, MD

    b.well in a nutshell

The health industry is shifting to meet consumer needs. With preventable diseases comprising 86% of our healthcare costs, we’re at a turning point. Consumers are starting to see how sick we’re making ourselves because of the habits and lifestyles that we’ve grown up with, and how this comes into play with our genetics and environments. The industry is in desperate need of a solution that goes well beyond your typical prevention and wellness program to impact cost, quality, consumer engagement, and self-empowerment.

b.well Connected Health puts consumers at the center of their healthcare.  We’ve created a consumer-centered health management platform designed to give consumers what they want while monetized to what payers, providers, and employers need. With a focus on richer patient data, reduced expenses, closed gaps in care, and improved outcomes and retention, the healthcare industry will catalyze the shift to consumer-centered care.  The b.well platform offers an unmatched and accessible approach to total health management and medical cost containment for employers, health plans, health systems, etc.

b.well can reduce expense, close gaps in care, eliminate the medical error caused by missing data points, and more for players in the healthcare industry.  For consumers, we aim to make the process of managing health radically simple and more accessible for everyone.