Empower Individuals With Meaningful Insights & Cultivate Trusted Relationships

Simplify healthcare with b.well Connected Health’s highly configurable platform that unifies the consumer experience, accelerates the transition to value-based care, and expands hybrid care models.

For Employers

Move beyond the one-size-fits-all approach

For Health Plans

Manage risk-based populations and deliver delightful member experiences

For Health Systems

A patient-centered digital platform to drive population health and increase the VALUE in value-based care.

Unify Experiences.
Inspire Lifelong Loyalty.

A FHIR-enabled platform brings together traditionally siloed data to finally give consumers what they need– convenience.

With new regulations in place to improve healthcare data interoperability and prevent information blocking, consumers can finally participate in their own care. b.well provides an FHIR-enabled platform that aggregates data from providers, payers, connected devices, and more to create a 360° longitudinal health record that fuels our customers to deliver powerful, personalized, and proactive insights to consumers. 

Consumers are offered convenience and choice that extends past the four walls of the doctor’s office, delivering full population care where and how they need it. Whether in-person, virtually, or through digital services, b.well helps consumers easily navigate to their best option. The industry-breaking ability for consumers to securely share this data allows everyone within each consumer’s trusted circle of care to be informed.

Facilitate the Connection of All Consumer Data

Empower individuals with complete control over their 360° health data through consumer-centered data access, enabling better marketing campaigns and improved outcomes while reducing costs for your organization. Put control back in people’s hands with comprehensive access to health information.

Provide Timely, Tailored Insights Across Multiple Channels

Our Connected Health platform predicts and defines care needs through consumer health data. Organizations can improve relationships by providing relevant insights, actions, and activities that promote positive health behaviors aligned with evidence-based medicine guidelines.

Fueling a Care Network

For the first time, consumers have the tools to share key health information through consent and keep everyone in their trusted care network informed. b.well empowers consumers to share any level of data they wish with providers, caregivers, family members, and friends through our secure, permissions-based Health CircleTM.

Offer Support for Diverse In-Person & Digital Offerings

Individuals are guided through the healthcare delivery system and matched with the care that’s best for them based on their unique preferences, in-person or virtually. Creating an opportunity to decide brings a level of ease not typically experienced in healthcare, resulting in higher utilization rates.

b.well’s mission is rooted in simplifying healthcare.

Kristen Valdes spent her entire career focused on providing quality healthcare to underserved populations in our country.  When she experienced the healthcare system as a consumer, she quickly realized that she hadn’t accomplished nearly enough.

“By day, I was a health plan executive. By night, I was an excel lab-plotting mom.”

Kristen ValdesFounder - CEO

Facilitating a lifetime of consumer loyalty