Our Configurable Platform Unifies the Patient Experience

We use the latest FHIR standards to seamlessly integrate all your digital front door solutions and third-party devices, elevating the patient experience.

Health System

Increase Access to Care & Unify the Experience

We offer a secure, configurable platform that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your health system. Whether you’re just beginning your digital transformation journey or looking to enhance an existing front-end tool, let us meet you where you are to quickly achieve value for improved health outcomes of your patients.

Reinforce hybrid care models to meet patient experience expectations
$213K in recognized savings from directing appropriate patients to Telemedicine Guidance
Increase staff efficiency by simplifying intake processes, appointment and booking, and reminders
24% increase in appointments booked outside of standard call center hours
Commit to promoting care for high-risk populations by simplifying the scheduling process through automation
30% increase in new patients within six months by unifying the patient experience
Establish yourself as the go-to resource for patients' health insights and assistance
84% sustained engagement rate year-over-year

Modernize Without Replacing Your System

No matter your preferred deployment method, our platform is expertly tailored to suit your unique business needs. Add new features with ease and witness the transformative potential of b.well’s integration within your existing system to deliver the ideal patient experience.

Consumer-Centric Care Achieves Real Results

By offering a differentiated, data-driven solution, b.well helps healthcare organizations stand out in a competitive market to attract new patients, partners, and payers.

Outcomes based on 2022 b.well Book of Client Outcomes


Savings Recognized

in 18 months through digital booking workflow and pre-visit form creation


Increased Completion

Of preventative care needs personalized campaigns and enhanced logic

Join us on our mission to simplify healthcare, one person at a time.

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