Health Systems

The ability to create and capture value through your services begins with a single, unified platform.

Accelerate your holistic digital strategy with our results-driven platform

The Connected Health platform is designed to transform the consumer experience and accelerate clinical outcomes by unifying all your digital front door solutions and third-party devices through a single, branded interface.

Digital Transformation Starts Here

b.well gives us the ability to seamlessly engage with our patients and consumers by focusing in on the individual and their needs while also zooming out and looking at how we can better serve our community and population as a whole. Not only were we looking for a partner that could support us with backend services but what make b.well special is their technology allows us to integrate all of our access points and partners, leads the market in interoperability and ultimately gets us to the outcomes we are looking for from a population health perspective.

Dr. Imran Amjad Andrabi, MDPresident & CEO - Thedacare

One Launching Point for Consumers = Lifetime of Loyalty For You

Put simply, b.well bridges the gap between consumer expectations and business needs. Designed to deliver increased value over time, the b.well platform becomes indispensable to the consumer as their singular launching point for all healthcare needs and delivers on the goal of loyalty for our customers.

  • Unprecedented Data Interoperability: An FHIR-enabled foundation delivers real-time data and insights to inform better treatment and care
  • Hyper-Personalized Outreach: Connected data and preferences allow for highly targeted, n-of-1, outreach campaigns
  • Intelligent Consumer Friction: Account, consent, and identification management frameworks
  • Purpose-Built Network: Securely share health information with others, or manage a family member’s profile through Health Circle
  • Unified Care Navigation: Bring together all digital front door capabilities under one brand; wayfinding, telehealth, provider search, scheduling, and more

One Connected Health Platform. Unlimited integrations. Hyper-personalized, N of 1, Clinical Impact.

New Patient Acquisition 

Serving as the digital front door, patients are connected with convenient access to care and guided through the system based on their personal data and preferences.

Custom Digital Workflows 

Creating customized digital workflows targets the financial and clinical outcomes you care about most while enhancing the patient experience. From scheduling to holding a place in line, accessing telehealth and advance check-in, b.well creates the frictionless pathway for patients.

Data Interoperability 

Driven by the Patient’s Right of Access, b.well unlocks access to the largest set of live connected health data available in the market. This real-time data drives personalized omnichannel communications when it matters, yielding unmatched engagement.

Consumer-Directed Marketplace 

Guide patients through the diverse set of healthcare choices by offering convenient options, delivered how and when users want: in-person, virtually, and digitally.