Connected Data Leads to Healthier Members

Gone are the days of manually aggregating and analyzing siloed data. Gain real-time insights into population trends, bridge quality gaps, and drive higher member engagement with FHIR-based technology.

Effortless Member Engagement:

Simplify Connections & Empower Relationships

MA Plans

  • Drive higher member engagement and satisfaction levels
  • Foster stronger connections and long-lasting relationships
  • Efficiently bridge quality gaps in Star Ratings
  • Eliminate unnecessary costs by driving members to appropriate sites of care

Commercial Plans

  • Provide tangible outcomes to valued employer clients
  • Increase utilization of benefits with next best action notifications
  • Guide members to the most appropriate sites of care based on communication preferences
  • Ensure ease of use with automated, intuitive workflows

Drive Significant Outcomes With True Interoperability

Break down data silos and provide real-time insights into population trends, program and point solution efficiency, and areas for improvement through a white-labeled or integrated experience.

Close member care needs to achieve desired Star Ratings by notifying them through their preferred communication channels
Colorectal Cancer Screening care need closure rates are 90% higher for consumers utilizing the b.well platform
Direct members to appropriate and cost effective sites of care
$63K recognized savings from non-emergent Emergency Department decline
Develop innovative pathways to cut costs and benefit members
57% increase in On-Site Clinic Utilization
Offer timely and relevant nudges that inspire member engagement and satisfaction
99% of  members attributed to a Primary Care Provider

Informed Members Are Empowered Members

Provide members with the information they need to make proactive decisions about their health to achieve better outcomes and decreased per member costs.

Outcomes are based on the 2022 b.well Book of Client Outcomes


Decrease in Emergency Department Cost

By enabling digital navigation


Recognized Savings

Over 2 years by improving network integrity

Join us on our mission to simplify healthcare, one person at a time.

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