Elevate Employee Health Outcomes With a Unified Digital Healthcare Experience

Overcoming the frustration caused by fragmented portals and apps for plan-sponsored benefits utilization can be challenging. That's why we empower employees to prioritize their health through a seamlessly integrated and user-friendly platform, enabling them to fully control their well-being.

Maximize Your Healthcare Investments

Equip employees with real-time insights and personalized next-best actions derived from their individual health data while giving yourself the ability to analyze population trends, program and point solution efficiency, and areas for improvement through a white-labeled or integrated experience.

Evaluate Employee Health Program Effectiveness

Continuously assess and evaluate employee engagement across various program initiatives using our client hub to ensure a comprehensive understanding of employee involvement and participation.


Decrease in Emergency
Department Cost

Per employee from digital navigation guiding users to the appropriate level of care.


Increase in Annual
Physical Completion

Over two years by steering employees to consumer-facing Quality Measures.

Join us on our mission to simplify healthcare, one person at a time.

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