Leverage the Leader in Healthcare Interoperability to Drive Better Outcomes

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Market Pressures are Influencing How Health Plans Deliver Personalized Experiences at Scale

Shoppable Healthcare is in the Spotlight

Regulatory changes will affect all aspects of the industry, from care delivery to payment models.

Member Experience Beyond Your Four Walls

Health plans must partner with providers to remain competitive, as CAHPS surveys measure member experience at the provider.

Consumer Expectations are Changing

Healthcare consumers are demanding personal and proactive experiences similar to those they have with other industries.

The Most Comprehensive Platform For Enhanced Member Experience & Satisfaction

The Connected Health platform delivers hyper-personalization at scale by uniquely combining unprecedented data interoperability with a delightful user experience. Our expertise in digital transformation enables b.well customers to benefit from increased administrative efficiency, improved member utilization, and accretive revenue capture.

Give Members the Unified Healthcare Experience They Need

Health Data Harmonizer

Health Summary

Empowered by a FHIR-native, decoupled data model, b.well integrates siloed systems into a single pane of glass.

Digital Wallet & Insurance Management

Members can monitor out-of-pocket and deductible expenses, view claims details for both current and historical claims, and access their ID cards online.

Consumer Activation Engine

Surveys & Assessments

Out-of-the-box content and custom surveys to collect health risk assessments, medical and family history, SDOH, and other risk-related questionnaires.

Next Best Actions

Engage consumers in a variety of ways based on their preferences and the way they want to communicate about their health.

Digital First Experience

Access to Care

Members and their families can easily search for providers, leverage benefits, and find the right care – in person, virtually, or digitally.

Health Circle

Allows members to share health data with trusted individuals (e.g., family members, caregivers, and physicians) who are able to access the data securely.

Leverage the Leader in Healthcare Interoperability & Digital Transformation to Drive Significant Outcomes

Partner with Regulatory Experts to Achieve Desired Star Ratings

Obtain plan success by partnering with a team that prioritizes development to accommodate regulatory changes that affect clients.

Leverage Real-Time Interactions to Boost CAHPS Scores

Enable quick reaction ability by measuring member sentiment in real-time with a FHIR enabled platform that brings payers, providers, and digital solutions together.

Convenient Access to Health Information

Deliver a seamless and connected digital experience from a single launching-off point that manages care handoffs and navigates each member through their ecosystem of benefits.

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