Igniting the Fire of Change for Digital Transformation

The healthcare industry is being rocked by consumer empowerment, fueled by new regulations that liberate data on individuals and allow for personalization. In this session, Sophy Lu of Northwell Health and Kristen Valdes of b.well Connected Health discussed how to align your strategic initiatives with these changes in order to win consumers over throughout their entire lifetimes.


The Power of Effective Governance: Three Key Elements to Success

The healthcare industry has been undergoing a monumental shift toward digital transformation, and as technology experts, we feel privileged to be a part of this incredible opportunity. With the emergence…

The Importance of a Unified Consumer Experience

Patients today are not just patients but also consumers who expect a healthcare experience as convenient and personalized as their online shopping experience. The research study "The Future of Patient…

Embracing Digital Transformation and Consumer-Centric Healthcare

The healthcare industry is undergoing a transformation driven by consumer empowerment and new regulations that allow for data liberation and personalization. In a recent ViVE 2023 session, Sophy Lu, Chief…

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