What types of data does b.well collect? b.well collects different types of data that are described in the Privacy, and presented in a chart too. An important category of data is Health Data. We define this to include any data linked to your b.well account that relates to the health status, the use of health care services, or the payment for health care by you or by others in your family.
How does b.well collect my Personal Data ? We collect data from the organization that gave you access to your b.well account. We also help you collect it from the health plans, health care providers, and websites that you choose. You can even ask us to collect data from the consumer health apps you use, so all your Health Data is in one place.
How do I know my Health Data is kept safe? Protecting your privacy and the security of your Health Data is one of our most important responsibilities. We follow privacy and security standards that are at least as strict as what your health care providers and health plans must follow under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”).
How do I decide to share my Health Data with others? The app includes tools that let you set permissions for sharing your Health Data with others that you trust. When you set these permissions, you’ll understand exactly what Health Data you’re agreeing to share, and with whom. You can change your permission settings whenever you want.
Can I use b.well if I’m under 13 years old? Usually not. Instead, we give parents or legal guardians the ability to create accounts for minors under 13 years old.
How does b.well use my data? We use it to operate and improve our service. The data may also be used to help your b.well account sponsor (the organization that gave you access to the application) perform population health activities, deliver personalized health management solutions, and engage in other permitted treatment, payment, and healthcare operations activities. These activities must be consistent with the laws applicable to them and their respective HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices.
When can b.well disclose my data without my consent? b.well may need to disclose data to deliver its services or operate its business – for example, with service providers that help b.well to deliver its services. Here are a few key points:
  • b.well does not sell your Personal Data to third parties or let others use it to market their services to you. We may disclose data to vendors whose services you choose to access through our platform.
  • If we have a legal or law enforcement request to disclose data, we scrutinize these requests, minimize the data we share, and notify you when we can.
  • b.well does not have any affiliates. If we do in the future, they will not receive your data without a binding agreement to comply with b.well’s Privacy Policy. If we sell our business, we will not transfer your data to the successor entity without an agreement that they maintain our Privacy Policy commitments.
  • We don’t control the data practices of consumer health apps that you choose to connect to our services, or of online technology platforms that track your online activities.
How does this Privacy Policy apply to emails, text messages, or in-app notifications from b.well? You can choose to receive communications from us via email, text message, and push notifications. By default, we only include generalized health information in these communications. If given the option to receive more personalized messages, be aware that these communications are not secure, and they may be visible to others with access to your devices.
How long does b.well hold on to my data? We’ll retain your data for as long as you keep using your account. We follow an established data retention policy for deleting the Personal Data of dormant accounts after 10 years and closed accounts after 30 days. Exceptions occur when we are lawfully required to retain data for longer time periods.
How can I close my b.well account? Contact our support team if you want to close your b.well account. We first suspend your account for 30 days in case you change your mind, and to give you time to securely download your Health Data. After that, we permanently delete your Health Data, subject to our data retention policy.
What happens if b.well decides to suspend access or close my b.well account? b.well reserves the right to terminate services, or close your account. Before closing your account, we suspend it and let you know using the e-mail address provided in your account profile. We reserve the right to deny access if you violate our Terms, if required by law, or if we believe suspension is reasonable to prevent harm.
Tell me about b.well’s information security measures? We take data security seriously. Our system of physical, technical, and administrative safeguards are independently reviewed to ensure that we meet industry-leading standards. Even so, there is always a risk of data breach, and you accept that risk. We have protocols in place to notify you and help you through next steps if your data is compromised.
Does b.well transfer my Personal Data outside the U.S.? We can transfer your personal data outside the U.S. if we determine we can do so without violating the Privacy Policy or Terms. We do so with appropriate consideration for the data protection laws of the country where we might transfer your data.
Where can I get more information if I have more questions about my data or b.well’s data practices? We’re an open book about our data practices, in English and Spanish. If you can’t find answers in the Privacy Policy, ask our support team. It may take a couple days at first. We do our best to resolve questions in 30 days or less.
Does Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation apply to b.well? While our application is intended for users in the U.S., this Privacy Policy incorporates some of the data practice standards adopted by countries in the European Economic Area. Some of these practice standards are described with relevant cross-references to other provisions of the Privacy Policy.
Does b.well comply with California’s consumer privacy laws? If you are a California resident with a b.well account, California law may provide you with rights in addition to those detailed elsewhere in the Privacy Policy. A section about California’s consumer privacy laws helps you understand what these rights are, and directs you to applicable provisions of the Privacy Policy.
Will this Privacy Policy change? It may, but if we change it, we will notify you in the application and via email. The notification will include a link to the privacy policy being replaced and a summary of changes – like this summary. If the changes are significant, we will give you time to consider the changes before they become effective. Your consent to Privacy Policy updates is required to continue using the application. But if you decide not to consent, you can still obtain your Health Data.

Sometimes, we might supplement this Privacy Policy with an additional notice. This allows us to add conditions for a specific feature in the application without having to change the Privacy Policy.
How will my Personal Data be used by my employer if I’m asked to use b.well’s COVID-19 symptom tracker and daily check-in? Your employer may ask you to use b.well’s COVID-19 symptom tracker and complete a daily survey. Your response generates a recommendation to go to work or stay home, which is shared with your employer’s HR teams and your supervisors. The underlying responses are only shared with employer’s COVID-19 health team, if required by your employer’s COVID-19 policies.