What services do these Terms cover? The Terms apply whenever you access or use a b.well-branded application or service that links to the Terms. They also apply to interactive features like emails and SMS text messages you receive from us because you are a registered b.well user.
How do I accept these Terms? You accept these Terms when you create a b.well account, and each time you use the Services. If we update the Terms, you will be provided with a summary of changes, and we’ll ask you to accept the updated Terms.
What happens if I don’t accept the Terms? If you do not accept the then-current Terms, you will not be able to access all of the services covered by the Terms.
Your Privacy Your privacy is important to us. Our Privacy Policy contains important information about how we help you collect your Health Data so it’s all in one place, and give you tools to set permissions for sharing your Health Data with others. The Privacy Policy also describes how we use, disclose, and protect your data to support the services we deliver.
Data and Service Connections b.well helps you make secure data connections to collect your Health Data from multiple sources. We also help you make secure service connections with authorized partners. You may be asked to accept “service-specific terms” before connecting with these partners. It’s important to understand these additional terms before accessing and using these other services.
Digital Goods We offer digital text, video, images, and more to deliver an immersive user experience. This content is for your personal use only. You agree not to use it for any other purpose. When this content comes from a third party, you may be asked to agree to additional terms.
Connected Health Apps and Devices You can connect other health-related consumer apps to your b.well account. This lets you share data between b.well and these apps. If the app is from an authorized b.well partner, these developers agree to safeguard your data to b.well’s standards. For all other app developers, b.well isn’t liable for their privacy and security practices, which may not meet b.well’s standards.
Challenges b.well may offer you challenges that let you earn points. These points may be redeemable for rewards.
Service-Specific Terms Certain services and digital offerings have their own terms of service that are important to understand. We collect them or link to them from this heading of the Terms.
Using the Services; Support About your responsibilities:
  • You agree not to use any false, inaccurate, or misleading information when you use our services, and to keep your information up-to-date.
  • Please keep your login credentials private. You are responsible for all activity that occurs under your account. If you become aware of any suspicious conduct, please contact us.

How children may use the app:
  • Children under age 13 years old may not create a b.well account without the clear and verifiable consent of their parent or legal guardian.
  • b.well may allow parents or other personal representatives or legal guardians to create a “proxy” account for their minor children under their own account, as permitted by applicable state laws and the organization that sponsors your access to b.well.

Managing your Health Data in the app:
  • If you receive your b.well account through an employer, we do not share your Health Data with them.
  • If you decide to share Health Data in your account with others, be sure to do so only with people you trust, because you are responsible for what you decide to share.
  • We also help you establish read-only recurring medical record connections, consistent with your right of access to your medical record information under HIPAA. These data connections are provided as-is, without warranty, and may be delayed. If any data is wrong, you may need to contact the source to request corrections.
  • You can close your account and securely download your Health Data.
  • We reserve the right to terminate services or suspend your account. User support is available through Knowledge Center in the application. For live support, you can contact us within the application, by calling us toll-free at (855) 972-9355 or by emailing us at support@icanbwell.com.
Conditions of Use You agree to play nice. We can remove or disable your account if you engage in activities that are harmful to b.well or others, and we may cooperate with law enforcement authorities if warranted.
Software Licenses & Intellectual Property Rights If you agree with these Terms, you’re allowed to use the app and its services for your personal use. We welcome feedback that improves our services, without obligation to incorporate the feedback or compensate you for it.
Disclaimers We’ll make our best effort to obtain your Health Data from others, but there may be delays. There is no guarantee the information will be complete or error-free. Based on how we receive the data, it may not look exactly like it does when you receive directly from the source. We are dependent on how others give us your Health Data.

No one at b.well or from your clinical team is reviewing your Health Data or expected to act on it. If you need medical care, call 911 or your regular health care provider, or go to an emergency department near you. The app and its services are not a substitute for professional medical advice.
Indemnity You agree not to hold b.well responsible if you violate any of these terms. You also accept responsibility if we experience losses that result from your negligence, willful misconduct, or other actions that violate the Terms or applicable law.
Limitation of Liability If you violate the terms, you agree b.well is not responsible for any damages that happen to you.
Dispute Resolution by Binding Arbitration Please read this section of the terms carefully. It includes important information that limits your legal rights.

You agree that any disputes with b.well will be resolved through arbitration, not in court. In doing so, you and b.well agree to waive the right to trial by jury, and you agree not to participate in a class action. This agreement does not prevent you from bringing an individual claim in a small claims court, or raising an issue with federal, state, or local agencies.

If you disagree with these terms for resolving disputes, you can opt out in writing within 30 days after you first accept the Terms. By doing so, b.well would not be prevented from resolving disputes in court or in a jury trial.