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b.well Connected Health

Accelerate value-based initiatives
Enhance patient satisfaction
Improve population health management
Seamlessly integrate hybrid care models

Built With FHIR Technology. Powered by People.

Health System

Become a Leader For Consumerism

Make it easier for consumers to access their information and use digital tools through a streamlined process. Complex tasks are simplified, leading to more convenient experiences and lower costs for administrative work.

Leverage a FHIR-Enabled Platform

Consolidate technology stacks and systems, enable various use cases, and create new revenue streams by utilizing real-time data exchange within your organization.

Easily Align to Value-Based Care

Collaborate with providers and payers to drive transparency in data, curate appropriate care needs by evaluating all of an individual’s health information, and better manage at-risk populations with omni-channel communications.

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Health Plan

Streamline Member Experience to Improve Engagement

Deliver frictionless, connected experiences to your members by integrating each member into their ecosystem of benefits. Gain insights into member behavior and drive more effective engagement.

Drive Cost Savings and Improve Value of Investments

Automate your contact center processes to increase efficiency by empowering members to access information through self-service, and leverage our platform to easily integrate data from third-party systems.

Better Manage At-Risk Populations

Leverage real-time data and analytics to quickly intervene through omni-channel communications, activating members with the right resources to address the needs of at-risk

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Introduce Innovative, Personalized Encounters

Promote the holistic well-being of employees by consolidating their complete health data and providing timely notifications of personalized recommendations for the most suitable course of action.

Simplify Employee Health Journeys

Provide employees a simple, consolidated user journey to view all health benefits , care needs, and data behind a single pane of glass.

Contain Costs With Intuitive Navigations

Steer employees to the appropriate providers and facilities with a user-friendly client directory.

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Meaningful Outcomes With b.well Connected Health


Recognized Savings

Over two years from improving network integrity


Engagement Rate

Sustained year over year by consumers


Higher Care Gap Closure

For consumers on the b.well Connected Health platform vs. those not on the platform


Pre-Visit Form Completion

Sustained over time by user-friendly workflows tailored for consumers