MHDC Executive Forum: Health Data Economy & App Ecosystem

b.well’s regulatory expert, Jill DeGraff, along with other industry leaders, discuss the future of health data apps, regulations, and their impact on health equity and patient experience during the MHDC Executive Forum: Health Data Economy & App Ecosystem.


Leveraging a Longitudinal Health Record to Improve Consumer Satisfaction and Adherence to Care Plans

A promising transformation is underway, aiming to change how health plans serve consumers while enhancing their experiences. Kristen Valdes, CEO and Founder of b.well Connected Health, underscored this during a…

Realizing the Full Potential of Data Transparency: Cultivating Trust for Enhanced Results

In today's fast-evolving world of healthcare technology, the phrase "accessible health data" has become more than just industry jargon. It's a transformative concept that holds the potential to transform consumer…

The Result of Healthcare Consumerism? Competition.

The concept of healthcare consumerism has been floating around the healthcare industry for decades. Still, recent federal regulations — such as the 21st Century Cures Act and new price transparency…

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