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b.well Connected Health is the first integrated health platform in the market focused on what consumers are demanding in today’s digital world. The founder & CEO, Kristen Valdes, built b.well from her vision to empower consumers by putting them at the center of their healthcare, and that has become our mission. We strongly believe that precision digital health not only leads to the avoidance of preventable chronic disease, but also improves overall well-being. If you are passionate about the future of healthcare, come join us!

You will enjoy working with some of the best and brightest, while conquering new challenges and expanding your skill set. As a member of a small but rapidly growing team, you will have opportunities for growth and advancement, leadership, and learning all aspects of the business. b.well team members never work in a box.

You will also enjoy a fun, collaborative, and exciting culture that is fully immersed in Austin & Baltimore’s health and tech communities. We work hard for our mission and are compensated accordingly. We offer competitive salaries, 401(k), and medical, dental, and vision insurance.


Healthcare Data Engineer
What You'll Do

  • Work closely with the various areas of the business to design and implement requirements and develop processes necessary to provide visibility into the data via the data warehouse
  • Ensure data that is brought into the data warehouse is clean, accurate, available and complete
  • Architect, develop, implement and test algorithms that consist of value-add routes and build data warehouse infrastructure for automated interpretation of healthcare data
  • Identify ways to improve data reliability, efficiency and quality. Produce actionable recommendations that address known problems and then implement automated solutions
  • Assist the development teams with business knowledge of various healthcare data that is ingested from various sources

Notches in your belt:
  • 5+ years of professional SQL programming experience
  • In depth experience with SQL and NOSQL databases
  • 5+ years working with health plan data
  • Strong knowledge of healthcare data, specifically health plan (i.e. medical and Rx claims, eligibility, provider data)
  • Deep understanding with healthcare coding terminologies (CPT, diagnosis, DRG, etc)
  • Experience in designing and building efficient and scalable solutions for big data
  • Experience with query development and optimization
  • Experience with common data warehouse and data lake architecture concepts and best practices
  • Proven work experience with algorithm design and implementation
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Ability to independently manage all phases of development including requirement documentation, building, configuration, bug tracking, testing, and validation
  • Strong experience with cloud-based infrastructure
  • Strong communication skills between business and technical resources

Great to have:
  • Experience providing database endpoints and/or the creation of RESTful API’s
  • Previous experience in the Python/Django framework
  • Previous knowledge of data integration processes and tools (specifically AWS based)
  • Experience with healthcare data formats (processing 834, 837, X12 file formats)
  • Experience with health system EHR data
  • Experience leveraging Redshift and other AWS data pipelines / tools
  • Advanced degree in Computer Science
  • An active GitHub profile or other public code portfolio

How to Apply
To apply, email with your resume, your GitHub account, and why you’d love to help us change the face of healthcare. Please use the subject line: “Apply - Healthcare Data Engineer”

Healthcare Security Engineer
What You'll Do

  • Engineer, implement, and monitor security policies and procedures for the protection of computer systems, networks, and information across the organization
  • Maintain and develop a security plan with all necessary policies and procedures
  • Manage the efforts to attain and maintain the company’s certifications, including HITRUST & SOC2
  • Operate vulnerability management and risk management tools
  • Conduct company-wide risk analyses and direct remediation plans
  • Manage penetration tests and remediation efforts
  • Investigate and manage any incidents using forensic techniques
  • Select and deploy new security tools to enhance controls and risk management capabilities
  • Maintain and enhance the security awareness training programs
  • Assist with audit and reporting capabilities to ensure compliance with policies
  • Support customer and audit requests

Notches in your belt:
  • Degree in computer science or a related discipline
  • Experience with risk and compliance assessments and in-depth knowledge of industry standards and regulatory requirements (e.g.,HIPAA, HITRUST, etc.)
  • 5+ years working with health plan data
  • Experience interpreting requirements from those standards and helping teams implement technical controls to meet and exceed them
  • Knowledge of risk assessment tools, technologies, and methods
  • Expertise in endpoint and sever anti-virus software, host and network-based intrusion detection, firewalls, and content filtering
  • Expertise in designing secure networks, systems, and application architectures
  • Experience in penetration testing tools, consulting, or something similar
  • Systems administration
  • Endpoint security solutions expertise, including file integrity monitoring and data loss prevention
  • AWS and cloud platform as a service (PaaS) security products and processes
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills and strong ability to communicate highly technical results to a diverse audience
  • Strong desire to work in a close team/collaborative setting
  • Be capable of multitasking and working in a fast-paced environment
  • Be flexible, dependable, and resourceful
  • Have a desire to innovate and improve medical care
  • Preferred: Experience in going through a HITRUST audit and the MyCSF system

How to Apply
To apply, email with your resume and why you’d love to help us change the face of healthcare. Please use the subject line: “Apply - Healthcare Security Engineer”

Software Engineer
What You'll Do

  • Design, implementation, and maintenance of b.well’s products using Python, Django, AngularJS, and other modern technologies
  • Design, creation, implementation, and maintenance of b.well’s mobile products for iOS and Android
  • Help mentor other developers to improve their career development and coding abilities
  • Work closely with other engineers, designers, and management teams to rapidly build, iterate, test, and deploy new features and products and main a high-quality robust code base
  • Improve and scale the existing products and tools
  • Launch new projects from ideation to completion
  • Monitor and reduce cybersecurity product risk

Notches in your belt:
  • 5+ years of professional programming experience
  • 3+ years of Python/Django experience
  • Exceptional and demonstrable web development experience
  • Strong experience in full-stack development from spec/concept to UI implementation and back-end development
  • Strong experience with relational and/or NoSQL databases
  • Strong experience with cloud-based infrastructure
  • Comfort with Linux/Unix command line
  • Experience working closely with design and PM individuals/teams

Great to have:
  • 2+ years of Advanced Python experience
  • Advanced Django experience
  • Strong Node.js experience
  • Strong Angular JS experience
  • Strong iOS, Android, or PhoneGap experience
  • Experience with Docker
  • Experience scaling technology solutionsto hundreds of thousands active users
  • Strong experience with SOA and microservices
  • Experience mentoring other developers
  • Experience with off-shore development
  • Strong experience with unit testing and test-driven development
  • Startup experience
  • Advanced degree in Computer Science
  • Experience in cybersecurity
  • Experience with HIPAA, HITECH, or HITRUST
  • An active GitHub profile or other public code portfolio
  • Active Stack Overflow profile
  • Documented work on open source projects

How to Apply
To apply, email with your resume, your GitHub account, and why you’d love to help us change the face of healthcare. Please use the subject line: “Apply - Software Engineer”

Equal Opportunity

b.well is committed to an inclusive and diverse b.well. We are an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, veteran, genetic information, marital status or any other legally protected status.