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b.well strives to simplify healthcare and partners with organizations that share our commitment to putting consumers at the center of data sharing. Our platform creates secure, longitudinal health records and standardizes consumer information, building trust between organizations and their communities. Our goal is to provide a unified digital experience, and we welcome those who are passionate about solving healthcare’s most complex challenges.

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Benefits at b.well

At b.well, we welcome exceptional individuals to join our team, regardless of their location, career aspirations, lifestyle, or hoodie choices. If you seek a remote, adaptable work environment that values innovation, b.well is the ideal fit for you.

Medical & Wellbeing

We offer comprehensive medical benefits, with over 80% of the costs covered by us. Additionally, our employees enjoy 100% coverage for both vision and dental plans.

Unlimited PTO

Yes, there’s nothing wrong with your vision. Here at b.well, we believe all employees should have the ability to take off the time they need. 

Parental Leave

Employees receive a maximum of 16 weeks of paid Maternity leave and 6 weeks of paid Paternity leave, paid at 100%.

b.well App

All of our team members get access to our integrated health management platform that provides full access to their health records, along with insights to help them stay healthy.

b.well Swag

We love for our team members to represent our brand. Every b.well team member will receive a swag box during their first week of employment.


b.well provides all new hires with the latest and greatest Apple technology. One last thing, all of your Apple tech comes with a 31 inch monitor.

Employee Recognition & Rewards

We have created an employee recognition program that gives all of our team members points that can be used to buy anything you want.

Headspace App

At b.well we want everyone to live a healthier, happier, more well-rested life and we do this by offering things like Headspace for all employees. In just a few minutes a day you can jump into a new world of mindfulness.

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At b.well, we make it a priority to be as transparent and supportive as possible for anyone applying to join our team. Right now, that means making sure you’re aware of a recent increase in hiring scams, including some fraudulent postings posing as our company and team. To protect your personal information, and to ensure you get the attention you deserve, we highly encourage you to apply directly through our site. Our current openings are listed here.If you’re selected to move onto the next phase of the hiring process, a member of our Talent Acquisition team will reach out to you directly from an email address to guide you through our process. We will never ask for personal payment or require you to purchase equipment during our process. If you’re ever in doubt over the legitimacy of a b.well job posting on another site, please check our job listings here to verify.
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