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Nodding Off At Work, Irritability, Lack Of Focus, and Poor Performance: At One Time or Another Every Employee – and Employer – Has Experienced These Behaviors.

However, health experts are concerned because these symptoms are becoming more common. The increase of stress and worry caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is negatively impacting employee health and performance. Experts are calling the condition coronasomnia.

Lack of sleep was already a serious public health issue before the pandemic hit. According to Johns Hopkins, about 1 in 3 adults dealt with acute insomnia (sleeplessness lasting a few days) and 1 in 10 adults had chronic insomnia (ongoing sleeping difficulty). Dr. Rachel Salas, associate professor of John Hopkins University,  took this to a step further stating “80% of the patients with obstructive sleep apnea are undiagnosed.”

The length of this pandemic has health experts concerned about a dramatic rise in chronic insomnia. According to the Washington Post, prescriptions for sleep medications jumped 15 percent between mid-February and mid-March in the United States, and the number of patients complaining of insomnia has risen 20 to 30 percent at the UCLA Sleep Disorders Center.

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