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The vision of ThedaCare is to reinvent the health care industry by becoming a proactive partner in health—enriching the lives of all and creating value in everything they do. To achieve that vision, the health system confronts the same challenges facing providers everywhere. Higher operational costs amid flat reimbursement. Disruption from the shift to value-based care and population health. Vast amounts of data newly available from apps, wearables and devices. Not to mention rising expectations as consumers demand digital experiences from their providers rivaling those of other industries like banking, travel and shopping.   

With all of these challenges in mind, in early 2020, ThedaCare turned to digital health, rolling out to its team members, patients and the community at large the nation’s first digital “front end” to health care, from b.well Connected Health. Dubbed “Ripple by ThedaCare” to illustrate the cumulative power of change on a community, the app and digital platform integrates and analyzes data from virtually any source and presents it in a way that encourages and incentivizes consumers to improve their health while lowering costs.

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